“Holy crap… you’re a massage genius!! And for me to say that it was one of THE best massages I’ve ever had in my entire life is really saying a LOT!!

Right now, you’re a close second place to Jill – however, this was the very first time we’ve worked together and I know we’ll only get better at it with more time and communication… which makes it clear to me that you shall surpass the first placed, Jill!!

Your work comes from a deeply spiritual, intuitive, loving and very mature place … it comes straight through your sensitive fingers… and then, you back it up with the kind of training and superior skills that most therapists twice your age are not able to accomplish!! You are, indeed, passionate about this gift that you have to share with the world… however, being passionate about something certainly does not automatically make one any good at it!! You already have the whole package so, to know that you’re only going to get even better and better at it is mind bending and makes me extremely happy knowing that I shall be the beneficiary of your continued growth!!!

As I mentioned to you, I haven’t had a massage in over 2 years, even with my severe spinal issues and the aftermath of 2 back surgeries! I can easily say that I simply cannot afford it – in truth, this evening proved to me that I simply cannot afford not to continue to take proper care of my sick spine!!

I felt compelled to write you this note because I am incredibly impressed with you – on several levels!
I thank you once again and so look forward to the next time we work together on my crooked, old body!!!

Now, whatever you do… DON’T move off island… or I’ll track you down like a crack-whore searching for the next fix!!!!

Please give Christie my best regards!”

Jill (…and Fletcher, the cat!)

“Corey was intuitive, insightful, and in sync with where my back needed attention. Very well versed in body and energy anatomy to know what was going on. I don’t get massages often, but when I do, its Corey. His on-time professionalism makes his service convenient too.”

Shelli Olive, STX

“I desperately need my favorite massage therapist back! I cannot find a single person here in the states that can come close to bringing me the peace and relaxation that you were always able to provide.”

Jamie Schrimpf, STX

“Beyond Bodycare is not just about having a massage. It’s about the connection that you get with yourself and the environment around you. It’s a holistic treatment to all the things to go through in life. It’s about a connectivity to an unknown force that calms and soothes you all while you give back to the universe the same energy that it lends you to continue your work. Since working with Beyond Bodycare I’ve tried several of the different treatments they offer. My favorite really is the bamboo treatment because it gets into a layer you generally don’t know exists until you’re there.

Corey is magnificent at creating an environment that is more positive for you so that you are able to get what you need out of your relaxation…or in my case out of my meditation…in order to replenish what was taken from you for the last time you saw him till that specific time. He does this by creating a fragrance that you specifically like or suggesting an environment that would make you more relaxed and allow for the treatment to go beyond just the knot in your shoulder or the tension in your neck. Corey looks at you with more of a holistic approach. He talks to you about how the things that you go through your mind effects your body.

He takes into consideration any medical issues that you may have be it injuries otherwise and helps to incorporate that into the massage to give you a little bit more of an insight on how to recognize or gauge your stressors.

He encourages you to continue with different methods at home that can help to maintain what he’s giving you from the massage until you meet up again. And with each massage relaxing becomes easier and it’s much more of a relief to deal with day-to-day issues. As I said Beyond Bodycare is not just the massage. It’s about you and helping you to find your center. Corey is simply fantastic at that.”

Ycianda Granville, STX

“Corey Mills is an excellent massage therapist! He is well-trained, very knowledgable about the human systems and physiology, and is very professional. Mr. Mills communicates very well with his patients in understanding where problem areas are and is extremely skillfed at further identifying the (not always purely physical) sources of chronic problems. He is able to work on many levels whether it be superficial stress to deep muscle work and even energy therapy . His care for the well -being and health of his patients is evident in every massage session. You are truly treating yourself when you have a Corey Mills Massage!”

Amanda Sackey

“I cannot recommend Corey Mills and Beyond Bodycare enough! I have had massages throughout the US and Beyond Bodycare’s massage therapy sessions are the best I have experienced anywhere. They are my client, but since I began receiving regular treatments a couple of years ago, I have advocated their services everytime someone expressed an interest in massage or neck/back pain. Corey is a miracle-worker. If massage isn’t for you, give the gift of massage to someone you care about for the holidays. They will thank you for it over and over!”

Perry Sheraw

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