Corey Mills LMT, Owner

Corey Mills Soothes the Savage Beast

“A major problem with our world, is that few of us really know how our bodies work.” If we more deeply understood the power that we all have to control our state of being, we would be more able to elevate ourselves above the pain and stress that hinders our personal and interpersonal growth. The Mind, Body and Spirit must be treated holistically to achieve a higher level of vitality. My life’s work has been to learn, for myself and the benefit of others how to heal and become more enlightened in every sense of the word.”
Corey Mills

Corey has been practicing his very special client focused brand of massage therapy on St. Croix for the past 4 years. A graduate of the highly respected Finger Lakes School of Massage in his hometown of Ithaca New York, Corey brings a very sensitive and caring touch to the island through his holistic Mind, Body, Spirit approach to bodywork.

He is most recognized for his ability to perform massage treatments that combine Reiki and deep breathing to allow strokes that release deeper layers of tissue without the pain and discomfort that is usually associated with that kind of work. Clients report a feeling of surrender and deep relaxation that lasts much longer than other treatments they’ve received.

Highly trained in anatomy, physiology and human energy systems, Corey has a rare ability to blend many forms of bodywork into a deeply relaxing and stress relieving experience. He has been trained to the Master/Teacher level in Reiki Energy Therapy and blends the art seamlessly into all his treatments.

Corey has traveled all over the U.S. and throughout Asia collecting new and exciting skills that are blended into an already wide variety of treatment options.

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