Signature Services

Signature “Beyond Bamboo” Massage

Experience a new level of deep relaxation and well-being as perfectly warmed, smooth bamboo melts away stubborn knots and tension.  All natural, renewable tools, artfully wielded by our talented therapists, give smooth, relaxing pressure, allowing for a deeper, more therapeutic stroke.

Signature “Beyond Beaming” Body Polish

In this invigorating full body treatment, old skin cells are gently removed and the lymphatic system is stimulated using a dry skin brush and a mild scrub to reveal a glowing new you. Long, soft, flowing strokes are used to exfoliate and polish your whole body to a “Beyond Beaming” glow.

Signature “Beyond Beauty” Body Wrap

Feel all worry and stress melt away as you enjoy this full body treatment which uses custom blended natural clay and essential oils to detox and relax your whole body. First, your skin is gently exfoliated using a dry skin brush to remove all dead skin cells. Once exfoliated, you will be comfortably wrapped from head to toe in moist, warm towels and blankets.

Signature “Beyond Balance” Reiki Treatment

A non-invasive, gentle yet powerful Japanese form of energy therapy, Reiki can help balance the body, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually by putting you in touch with your own individual energy field. Pronounced ray-key which translates to “Universal Energy”, this ancient art form can lead the body to do what it does best – heals itself.

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